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Hellfest Warm Up Japan Tour 2020

5/16(土) 大阪 amHall
5/17(日) 東京 TSUTAYA O-EAST

  • ■ 前売り : 一般 8,000円 / 学生(大・専 / 以下) 4,000円
  • ■ サインポスター(海外バンド) + チケット : 9,500円
  • ■ MEET AND GREET(海外バンド) + サインポスター(海外バンド) + チケット : 15,000円
  • ■ Hellfest Worm up 限定Tシャツ + チケット : 10,000円
    ※ Tシャツは物販では販売しません。
  • ■ VIPチケット : 18,000円
    MEET AND GREET(海外バンド) + サインポスター(海外バンド) + Hellfest Worm up 限定Tシャツ

Hellfest Warm Up Japan Tour 2020

May16 sat OSAKA amHall May17 sun TOKYO TSUTAYA O-EAST ticket on sale from Dec 12 at Ticket Pia,E+

envy would like to give full respect and thanks to our good friend Timothee Lambrecq for directing and editing this video for us.

We thank you all for your many years of support and we hope you accept this small gift from envy.

Pre-order "The Fallen Crimson“ below:

envyの新曲"A step in the morning glow"のミュージックビデオが完成しました。監督・編集を担当したTimothee Lambrecqには感謝とリスペクトを。楽しんでください。

Hellfest 2020

We will be playing at Hellfest 2020 as the headliner of VALLEY stage! See you everyone at Clisson again!


Hellfest 2020 VALLEYステージのヘッドライナーを努めることが決定しました。


release oneman show.

We are having an release gig for our forth coming album "The Fallen Crimson" on February 11th, 2020 at TOKYO, EBISU LIQUIDROOM. Tickets Available.

2020年2月にリリースされるニューアルバム"The Fallen Crimson"のレコ発を2020年2月11日(火・祝)に恵比寿LIQUIDROOMにて行います。皆さんのご来場お待ちしています。

2020年2月11日(火、祝) LIQUIDROOM

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30 前売り ¥3,500 + D
一般発売:12月7日(土) ぴあ、e+、ローソン

2020 February 11 tue LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo)

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30 前売り ¥3,500 + D
Pre-order : http://w.pia.jp/a/envy2-eng/ (available in English)
On Sale : Dec 7 sat Ticket PIA(available in English) , e+ ,LAWSON

"A step in the morning glow" from our new album is available now as a digital track.

2020年2月5日にリリースのニューアルバム"The Fallen Crimson"に収録されている"A step in the morning glow"の先行デジタル配信を開始しました。

Japan / Asia : https://ultravybe.lnk.to/astepinthemorningglow

Other : https://smarturl.it/ENVYJAPAN

envy new album
"The Fallen Crimson" CD | 2LP

Released on February 5,
2020 in Japan & Asia.
February 7, 2020 Worldwide.

Our new full-length album "The Fallen Crimson" will be released in February 2020 on Sonzai Records (Asia), Temporary Residence Ltd. (USA, Canada, Mexico), and Pelagic Records(UK, EU, South Africa).

Eleven new songs by the new envy line-up were recorded right after we came back from our EU Tour in June, and we are very confident in this record.Temporary Residence Ltd. and Pelagic Records pre-orders begin today at the links below. (Sonzai Records will not have pre-orders).

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

envy official : http://envybandofficial.com/
Temporary Residence Ltd. : https://www.temporaryresidence.com/
Pelagic Records : https://pelagic-records.com/

envy ニューアルバム
"The Fallen Crimson" CD & LP

envyの11曲入りニューアルバム "The Fallen Crimson" が2020年2月にSonzai Records(アジア) / Temporary Residence Ltd.(USA, Canada, Mexico) / Pelagic Records(UK, EU, South Africa)よりリリースします。


Termporary Residence Ltd.とPelagic Recordsの先行受付は本日より開始です。(*Sonzai Recordsは先行受付していません)。


envy official : http://envybandofficial.com/
Temporary Residence Ltd. : https://www.temporaryresidence.com/
Pelagic Records : https://pelagic-records.com/

December 13, 2019 Release
envy - "Definition of Impossibility" 10inch

We are happy to announce our "Definition of Impossibility" 10inch (limited 600 copies) will be released from Pelagic Records on December 13th.
Pre-Orders will start from October 17th and you can order them from the link below.
The 10" will come in 2 separate versions, Pre-order version and EU tour version with a different cover and vinyl color (tracks are the same).
The EU tour version will be available from our EU Tour on December 11th at UK Bristol, Thekla.
After the this tour we have no plans to distribute or sell them so do not miss this chance.

More news to come soon.
Hope to see you all at our EU tour in December 2019.


"Definition of impossibility" European Tour 2019


04.01.2020 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KLPAC

Ticket : https://proticket.com.my/klpac-city-roars-festival-2020/

Info : #cityroarsfest2020

" We are happy to return to Malaysia to play the City Roars Festival on January 4, 2020. "


New Single "Alnair in August” Out on 2nd Nov 2018.

artwork by Cris Crude from Pg99.

Sonzai Records (Japan, Asia)
iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify.

Temporary Residence Ltd. (US, Europe)
iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp